From the Chef

Executive Chef - Cory Stewart

Josua Perez


As Executive Chef at Americano Restaurant and Bar, Josua Perez delivers a consistently sophisticated, yet entertaining, experience in both the bar and dining room, with a menu focused on small plates and seasonal Italian cuisine.  Paying particular attention to the seasonal influences, Chef Perez crafts unique and flavorful dishes based on local produce available from area purveyors, as well as from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market located at the historic site just steps from Americano’s kitchen. 


Perez has been with Americano since 2007, starting as a sous chef and quickly working his way up to chef de cuisine, assuming an increasingly active and influential role in the creation of dishes over the years before being promoted to executive chef in 2014.


Perez is a native San Franciscan and a graduate of the Hotel & Restaurant program at the City College of San Francisco.  He has held positions at a number of highly-regarded city restaurants including Absinthe, Firefly, Liberty Café, and the acclaimed Zuni Café, where he worked under the tutelage of Chef Judy Rodgers. Through these experiences, Perez developed a unique approach to food, attention to detail, and a seasonal style of cooking that inspires him to this day.


“The seasonal development of Americano gives me a framework to work within, while still allowing me the freedom to do my own thing.”- Josua Perez